Client Name___________________________________________________________________

Client Address: ________________________________________________________________

City and Phone: ________________________________________________________________
I thank you for your business:
The following will confirm the agreement between us:
1. Employment. Rick's Sounds shall provide and you shall hire it's services
consisting of musical entertainment to be  performed at _____________________________
commencing on the _______  day of  ______________,20     ,
between the hours of ________  M. and  ____________   M.
2. Compensation: For the services of Rick's Sounds you shall pay to Rick Duhon the total sum              
of $ __________  in cash immediately upon conclusion of the engagement. Your retainer deposit of
________________$ , receipt of which is acknowledged, shall be credited toward satisfaction of the total
3.  Instruments and Equipment:  Rick's Sounds shall provide recorded music, electronic equipment and
sound amplification.  You shall provide an adequate place for performance and an adequate              
electrical power source for the sound amplification equipment.
4.  Cancellation:  If you cancel this contract or if the services of Rick's Sounds are terminated at  any
time after acceptance of this contract, you will forfeit the retainer deposit.
5.  Guarantee:  If this contract is accepted by you on behalf of a corporation, partnership, joint             
venture, fraternal order or any other entity, then, in that event, the person signing the acceptance on        
behalf of said entity does by these presents personally guarantee and warrant unto Rick Duhon d/b/a
Rick's Sounds, on the payment of and performance of any and all obligations herein contained,     
guarantor agreeing to be bound in so lido with the principal and renounces the plea of discussion.
By: ___________________________________________
Make checks Payable to:   Rick Duhon
Accepted and agreed to
On this ____________ day______________,
_____________, 20      .
Rick Duhon
Customer Signature: __________________________________

Receipt of this contract signed and
accompanied by payment of
deposit is required to complete the
booking process.
Yours Musically,
Rick Duhon
Final Balance Due:  __________________

Due Date on or Before Performance Date
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D.J."                 'Since 1982'
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