Rick's Sounds
Letters of Recomendation
Dear Rick,
Thank you so much for being the DJ at our wedding.  Your music really made the night.
Some of my favorite momories are when you perfectly timed the music to the moment--
when my Uncle Joe sung "Now or Never" to us and you had it up on the speakers and when
you played "Honky Tonk Woman" when the gals were smoking cigars.  We appreciated your
flexibility in regards to our personal taste.  Most of all, Thanks for keeping everybody up and
dancing all night long.
                                        Thanks again!
                                        Mary and John Willis

Dear Rick,    
Pete and I would like to personally thank you for a job well done at Zach
and Angie's wedding reception.  You did an outstanding job, and we certainly appreciate
your cooperation.  Everyone had a good time, and your selections were so professional and appropriate.
Thank you for being a part of such a special occasion in our family's life.
                                             Pete and Brenda Smith

To all who are considering Rick Duhon's services, I would like to recommend Rick's Sounds for any event requiring
music of any kind.
Mr Duhon performed for us at our wedding reception and was a phenomenal success.  He made the reception a
blast.  People I've never
seen on a dance floor were moving and grooving to his highest of quality sound system.  He is professional and a true

Should you be torn between a live band and Mr. Duhon, (because there is no other DJ, in my opinion, to consider) I
would recommend,
again, Rick's Sounds in that his "sounds" are fresh, crisp and alive.  He knows how to "feel out" a crowd.  Where as
a band has only a
limited repertoire from which to choose.

I also had the pleasure of watching Rick's Sounds at a party which was given for Sverdrup Technology-an
engineering organization.
By nature, engineers aren't dancers; however, I watched as more and more gravitated to the dance floor and boogied
to requested music.

I can't say enough about how wonderful Rick's Sounds is.  Try it yourself :-)
We just wanted to let you know that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the excellent music that you played at our picnic.
It wouldn't have been the same without you.

You did a wonderful job at our wedding.  The compliments we recieved were too numerous to count.
I am especially grateful to you for making the extra effort to find that one particular song I asked you to
locate--"I'll Take You There".
You were so professional.  You catered to the crowd which helped alleviate the pressure I was already
under.  I can assure you that I will send as much business to you as possible.
                                   Thank you, again---Sincerely,
                                                  Beth and John

Dear Rick,
Jennifer's father and I would like to thank you for making Jennifer and Ernie's wedding a memorable occasion.
We feel you did an excellent job and we will certainly recommend you highly to anyone.  Love the Macarena!!!
                                        Larry & Patty Ann Cox